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New Sensibilities

Stronghold Packaging Distributors Ltd was established at the end of 2005 to manage developing trends and sales of reusable bags worldwide. The success of their hugely popular “Original GreenBag” continues apace and now with a continued ecological empathy Stronghold introduce the Original RPCP (Recycled Post Consumer Polyester) FabBag (made from items that consumers have already used such as PET Coke and Water bottles and food containers).

Manufacturing RPCP involves processing bales of post consumer PET bottles, cleaning them and cutting them into flakes. They’re subsequently melted and re-extruded into fibres. The fibre is stitched flat with polyester thread, creating a strong fabric suitable for use as a shopping bag. Initial trials were very positive and a new, even greener bag has emerged.

Stronghold is committed to finding solutions for a greener future.

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